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My name is not on the child's birth certificate. My wife was previously married to someone in Ecuador and they were divorced 5 years ago. I met her 3 years ago and once we were in a committed relationship, even while she was living in Ecuador I was faithful, but that's just me. I have only been in one other long-term relationship (not committed).

We have been to couples counseling and she admitted things to me and the counselor I had never heard before. She is adopted and has been "taken care of" her entire life, breakfast in bed, unlimited cash, maids, nannies...etc etc. This is really her first attempt at a real marriage and being a real mother and wife in a new country, speaking a different language. I have tried to be as accommodating as possible. I don't think she likes me working because her last marriage her husband did not work and she was used to having him around, so it's just different. I feel dor her in terms of trying to adjust to a new life.

I couldn't imagine the frustration of moving to Ecuador and all of a sudden being a husband and father and taking a job where no one speaks my first language and being away from my would be tough. I might act out in certain ways.

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