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Originally Posted by Jason@proefi View Post
Yes, I am, not because you need to, it's because it SEEMS that's what everyone wants. We are also taking control over the throttle as well.
I still think removing VANOS would allow more power because you could then run larger valves and increase the lift on the cam.

VAC Motorpsorts determined VANOS will not function properly if you modify the cams or valves.

What I never see mentioned in these forums but is something I've been taught since my earliest days.. is that power is made in the heads. The heads are the most important part of an engine (mechanically speaking) I was always taught.

As far as I know, I'm the only person with a turbo E46 M3 that pursued a built head.. sad thing is I never got to use it

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Chad's car is being taken care of and I can tell you when it comes back he and his car will be your worst f***ing nightmare.

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