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Originally Posted by Jason@proefi View Post
Yes, I am, not because you need to, it's because it SEEMS that's what everyone wants. We are also taking control over the throttle as well.
I want this.. for the same reason I wear Diesel boxer briefs instead of walmart whitey tighties.. noone sees them anyways, they both support my balls the same way .. I just feel alot better knowing I'm not wearing fruit of the loom whitey tighties.

Lets talk once my car is back together.. I really want this, and I know Trevor does as well on his Z4M.

Originally Posted by faelar View Post
Not really no, because I believe he was taking ques from Chris. Chris admitted as much to me when we had a discussion about forums.

I sat there a listened to an entire conversation between Chris and Derek one time. I have my opinions on this matter and it is my opinion that Chris does attempt to try and manipulate the conversation on these forums through surrogates.

Whether those surrogates are intellectually capable of realizing that however I do not know. I even found myself being persuaded to comment in regards to AMGETR.
I'm speaking strictly from a customer stand point.. being a customer of HPF I do not like being lumped into a group with others, and I know many others on here would prefer not to be associated with certain customers of HPF as well.. so generalizing about HPF's customers as being this that or the other thing is pretty unfair.. especially being they have 100+ and this forum only represents about 10% of them.

Edit: Same goes for ProEFI customers.. which I am also...

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