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Originally Posted by Bmwandreas View Post
Today i dynoed his M3 to 1046 whp at 30psi with the new Precision 8285R turbo 1.12 A/R H-cover. It would have put out some more with the GT42 cover and 1.28 A/R but there are no space for that
With some vanos tweaking it made 19 psi at 4800 rpm on third gear on the street so itīs not laggy at all
With stock vanos settings it had 19 psi at 5800 rpm

I also weighted it on my intercomp scales to 3740 lbs with driver. So the 4000 lbs was not on a correct scale.

9 sec runs this year?

Here are the dyno movie:

looking foward to hearing about more on the wicked car, in this forum or others.

9 seconds would be, again raising the bar

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