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Originally Posted by Bmwandreas View Post
You better loose your attitude, don't think you will gain any more custumers with all this wiseguy talk.
I don't have to show you any proof. I have just tuned the worlds most powerful m3e46, ok?

If someone want some info you could write me a pm.

You kinda sound like you have a little attitude now also...

Originally Posted by Jason@proefi View Post
Attitude? Wise guy? Whatever...LOL

I can show you proof...why? Because I have done the testing to show it. Not only with BMW's but with SEVERAL other platforms.

It's really easy to make statements and not back them up with data, but that doesn't fly with me. You can get by with that with the people who don't do this stuff or do the testing to prove their statements, but not with me. My testing disagrees with yours. So, if you want to back up your statements, then post proof...I did, why shouldn't you have to?

I encourage EVERYONE to do the testing themselves...don't take my word for it either. You just have to know how to do the testing properly, you can't start upsetting the stock ecu by removing sensors and expect it to run the cams in an optimal position. The cams move based on volume of air. They use this to optimize airflow through the engine on power demand. They ALSO use cam movement to reduce power when things aren't what they want.

1040 hub hp....your making about 50 more hp with an 82mm turbo than I make on my car with an 67mm turbo. All I have to do to beat that number is push a button!

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