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Originally Posted by MarcusLSB View Post
The biggest problem is there's a dick measuring contest going on but noone's decided where you get to start measuring from.

I personally only care about the following:

6 Speed Manual (original getrag)
Within 100lbs of OEM weight
Video should accompany run with time slip
Must disclose tire/wheel setup..
Must be S54.. what you've done to it doesn't matter (supercharger vs turbo, nos, e85 vs c16, vanos, no vanos, stroked, etc)
Must be fully capable of driving to the track and back .. when/if I do set any records my car will be driven to the track and back. Thats just a personal thing for me though. Trailering it makes more sense being you might brake something but theoretically you should have no issues driving the car on the street.
Must be original IRS (modifications for strengthening is totally fine..)
Maximum sectional width of tire should be 10.5"
Welcome to race wars!!!
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