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Just replaced the fuel pump cleaned gas tank and injectors, pump was seized but after that I still had starting issues.

There was a weird short to the solenoid wire that activates the starter, (took me like 8 hours to figure that out)
every time I would try to start the car it would run for a couple of seconds and then it would stall...
I replaced the wire from the solenoid to the ignition switch and Vrrroooommm! Engine runs nice and strong now.

Got the front sport seats but they will have to be re-upholstered, I want black leather with red side stitching. Also got a new front bumper.
I still need a carpet, back seat and a motor for the passg window (it wont roll up or down) so I can install the door panels and the rest of the interior parts.

Paint job is due in a week or two. I will get the whole car painted including bumpers and side mirrors Imola Red?

The parts:
Paid $50 for both seats but will need to be re-uphostered

Front Aluminum bumper.Not bad for $30 huh?

I think is going to look like this or better when Im done:

But I want these wheels with bmw center logo: Gold or Silver?

Updated pics coming soon...
Who has the skills?
e30 project

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