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I've been talking with a friend at work who has had a theory about how gravity works, but no physicists to talk to about it. I'm not very knowledgable on the matter, but maybe someone here can shed some light on it. I'm just regurgitating what he told me...

Basically, he believes that gravity is the result of massive objects interacting with a neutrino field. That since neutrinos repel themselves and are traveling at the speed of light, they've formed sort of channels where they ride parallel to each other in three dimensions... sort of like a grid. And since they're going the speed of light, it's analogous to an electron orbiting a nucleus - even though the electron is theoretically a point and there is 99.999% free space, its going so fast that it appears to be a solid 'fuzz', or in this case a uniform density neutrino field. When something like a planet travels through the field and the neutrinos (some, not all?) change their course, the repulsive force used to change direction is imparting an equal and opposite force on the object, which would be gravity. This isn't far off the illustration I saw in a string theory where planets were sitting in gravity 'wells', although that sort of contradicts itself.

He had a whole diagram and explanation with how it can compare exactly to the law of gravitation, which involves the inverse square of the distance between them. Totally blew my mind, but I couldn't prove it right or wrong. Any input?

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