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Yes, the 1st time I did send the head off to have it checked and resurfaced. I know it is not the recommended way, but would make it doable in half the time - or even faster. I only have about 5,000 miles since I did the head gasket and everything was perfect, until a few days ago, when I started using up coolant and a few other signs that - unfortunately - make it pretty clear to me the gasket is not holding for some reason.

I might do it the traditional way, as I was planning on changing the clutch and rear seal, which requires removal of the exhaust and detaching from the exhaust manifold. But not sure yet.

I think a hoist is mandatory in any case - regardless of method - because even with 2 people, it's too easy to nick it on installation onto the new gasket. The head is just too big and heavy.

At least I'll be much faster the 2nd time as I know exactly where everything is and how it comes apart and back together. No more hours of searching for a way to get something off or on.....
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