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Just an FYI on the DISA o-ring, the silicone #140 o-rings from www.oringsandmore.com are the right size. Swapped mine today and it the DISA went back in with just a bit of lubricated effort. No leaks yet (need to fix others before I can definitely tell). And BTW, the pin at the end of the flap cannot fall out when the DISA is installed. The DISA is captured at the end where the pin resides. Now, it CAN fall out upon removal though! Just some observations.....

Also, on oringsandmore.com, the units are bags of 10. I missed the fine print, ordered 2 and received a bag of 20! In order to contribiute a little more back to the forum, if anyone needs one, see my Ebay ad (http://www.ebay.com/itm/280842937178...witem=&vxp=mtr) and I'll send you one for a buck ($1.00US). Not looking to make any money here, just covering my costs. Cheers1
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