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Clearing some stuff up.

1) We got a gigantic new shipment of bumpers - not 1 container but many and as a result, we got some economies of scale we didn't before + we lowered our shipping container cost - so bumper prices went down. We are not using cheaper knock off Chinese bumper replicas - we are using original BMW bumper replica supplier (please search we have described the differences as well or contact us for a link).

2) Mtech II bumpers are the best fitting bumpers, if you had a poor fitment, it was likely due to: a) a bad body shop or b) you chose a different type or style of bumper (the M3 rep is poorer fitting unless you know exactly what you are doing- there is a great DIY located here)

3) Our prices are $119 + $35 or $50 + 50 for fogs + $59.99 for shipping, however, these are not cheaper quality bumpers that you see on eBay and others sell for nothing. They also include more expensive fogs lights that are not cheap $4 china knock offs with no markings on them. If your fogs have writing on the front lenses, you have the good ones. This is how some can offer a much much lower price on bumpers with fogs because you are getting lower quality fog lights that are just "throwaway" fogs.

4) Shipping options are:
$59.99 flat rate - $40 if you are in CA (call in only)
$95 door to door business
$105 door to door residential
$XXXX depending on Canada, HI, or International.

Greyhound offers delivery door to door, if you live more than 20 miles away from a Greyhound their delivery charges range from as little as $15 to as much as $30, but not much more and they are better at delivering bumpers. There are many many benefits about the Greyhound delivery in the 48 contiguous states than Pilot or other companies.

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