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Originally Posted by SLVR JDM View Post
I need a recommendation on a decent sling for my AR. It doesn't have to be too fancy and I'd like to keep the price reasonable. I'm working from home a lot and will be moving my office to my basement, so my go to gun if something goes bump upstairs will be my AR. The safe is not too far, so it makes sense to me to get setup with easy access, etc.

I'd like the least complicated configuration I can get.
If you don't plan on wearing it for long periods of time, I really like the MS3 from Magpul. I'm taking my first real class next month so it will be a trial by fire as to how much it hurts after ten hours. just practicing drills in my office, it works well for my needs. The advertise it as a one or two point sling, but I think that's more wishful thinking than anything else.

I think it mostly depends on if you prefer a one or two point sling. I've heard great things about the Vickers sling, and is probably one that I will pick up in the future.
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