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Originally Posted by Serbonze View Post
Heh, the extractor options are the next phase that I'm trying to research and understand. I should probably take a class at some point. Do you know of any good DVDs that go part by part with explanations of how they interact together?

For this scenario, if he is not using a decent BCG and picks up a BCM extractor upgrade kit, how does the upgraded spring, insert, or o-ring effect the ejection of the cartridge? Based on what you are saying, the clamping force of the extractor being applied to the rim of the cartridge may be weak, so by increasing that clamping force it would change the ejection of the cartridge? I thought that would be based on the spring rate of the ejector.

Sorry if I'm going in circles here. I'm a details guy so I like to understand how and why these parts work together.
Ejection pattern is affected by both the extractor and ejector. The power of ejector is important, but the extractor's ability to hold onto the rim of the cartridge is important. Think of it like if you have ever flicked a booger (don't act like you haven't). If you just flick your finger, you can get some distance, but if you use your thumb to press the top of the finger to get some more resistance and snap to it, you get more distance. Then your wife yells at you for flicking a booger instead of walking into the bathroom to wrap it in TP and put it in the garbage.

As far as the DVDs, I have no clue.
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