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///M3Evolution R1.221 Dynavin Android Rom

///M3Evolution R1.221 Dynavin Android Rom

Hi I wanted to share with you guys my new Dynavin Rom

  • 600mhz CPU Overclock
  • 430mhz DSP
  • New Statusbar with new icons
  • Gingerbread theme
  • Night Driving friendly color scheme
  • Better brightness control
  • V6 Supercharger script
  • New boot animation
  • Auto start scripts at boot
  • 2012b Timezone
  • SuperUser 3.07
  • Busybox 1.93
  • GolauncherEx
  • All Google Apps updated
  • Google Maps 6.5
  • Google Play aka Android Market
  • Google Play Music
  • ClockSync
  • Voice Search
  • Fix Permissions
  • Zipaligned
  • AdBlocker
  • updated gps.conf
  • Some GPS and WIFI tweaks

Recommended Apps
  • Titanium Backup
  • Script Manager
  • Root Explorer
  • SetCPU
  • SoftKeys
  • Gps Status and Toolbox
  • Fix My Wifi

Free for personal use.
Not to be packaged or commercially distributed without written consent.

M3Evo - R1.221 - Dynavin - Android.rar
For ROM and Password: Send me an email at

Beer via Paypal:

If you guys like any of the ROMS that I have shared and would
like to buy me a beer or a patron shot haha Id appreicate it!
I only drink with friends and friends always come first.

If you need a custom personal ROM built PM me

ROM Flashing Instruction:

- Before flashing any of my ROM make sure you are using a sd card that you know for sure is formatted correctly and is able to flash the stock Dynavin ROM without any problems. Always try to use the original unformattted 2GB micro sdcard that came with your Dynavin first. If you are having problems flashing the stock rom recheck the micro sd card you are using is formatted correctly.
- Copy all of my ROM files to that verified working micro sdcard.
- After flashing a new ROM make sure to take out all sdcards. (Disconnect all wifi and bluetooth adapters if you are having problems booting Android)
- Power off the Dynavin and wait 1 minute before powering back on. This is needed for the Android side to power down and clear out RAM.
- When powering on tap the power button (Do not hold down the power button for more than 1 second)
- First boot after flashing a new ROM should take no more than 5-10 minutes.
- After successfully booting into Android you can reattach all wifi bluetooth and sdcards and use normally.

If you are still having problems with the blank screen

- First thing to check after powering on is to check if your wifi dongle is getting power and the led light is on. Some of the black blank screen could be the Android side is not even powered on while the radio side is on and working normally. If this happens power off wait 1 minute and power back on by tapping the power button.

  • I got Voice Search to stop crashing and should work for everybody now
  • Google Maps 6.5
  • LauncherEX 2.85
  • Torque should work with most BT adapter just pair with your OBDII adapter
  • Bluetooth settings will still show "paired but not connected" but in reality it is actually connected and working normally!

Before updating to R1.221
Time how long it takes to fully boot from powering on till the
home screen appears with the R1 rom you have installed now.

  • Updated Timezone data to 2012b
  • ClockSync preconfigured and enabled at firstboot
  • Faster GPS and Time sync
  • Newer Busybox 1.19.3
  • A few newer statusbar icons
  • LauncherEx now optional
For faster GPS fix and Time sync
  1. Open the Clocksync app
  2. Go to settings
  3. Scroll down to "Select time zone"
  4. Change this to your timezone

  • Optimized for faster boot time

My original Dynavin stock rom Plus ROOT


First boot after flashing should take no more than 5-10 minutes which is normal.

To make UI faster after first boot I ususally change the defualt setting in SparePart to:
  • Windows Animations - Fast
  • Transition Animation - Fast
  • Haptic Feedback - Off
  • Compatibility Mode - Off

To make the following changes you will need RootExplorer or smillar app.

V6 Supercharger script is off by default. To activate it using shell go to /system/xbin/v6

You can now add custom scripts to run at boot in the following folder /system/etc/init.d

Two scripts that are currently in there now to run at boot are fix_permissions and zipalign.
The fix_permission helps correct lots of force close problems.
If these scripts makes your boot time slow you can safely delete them from the init.d folder.

I made changes to /system/etc/wireless/RT2870STA/RT2870STA.dat
Originally it wasnt setup so I changed it to US settings.
If you are not living in the US you might want to adjust this to your region for better wifi connection. Here is a link that describes the possible settings.

If you are starting to have force close problem doing a super clean might help
To do a super clean of dalvik cache and reboot go to /system/xbin/sclean

To change boot animation go to /data/local and place your new file

Here are some changes you can make in the /system/build.prop file.

Uncomment this first line and change it to your timezone only if Clocksync is not updating your timezone correctly.

# Adjust this to how often the wifi should scan

The WiFi problem that we all have is a known bug in Froyo that google fixed with Gingerbread. So for now we are stuck with the problem until Dynavin release a Gingerbread rom. I did find an app called "Fix my wifi" that automates the process of turning on and off wifi whenever it loses connection. Its not a perfect fix to our problem but it helps.

I might have a work around to our wifi problem though without the use of any extra app.
Try these steps out and report back if it has help or not. I have not had any drop or wifi problems in the last couple of days but I am not going to call this a fix unless it works for the majority of us.
  • You will have to manually enter in your SSID and Pasword by editing /system/etc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf
  • Then you have to change wpa_supplicant.conf permission from read write to read only.
  • Now the system cant alter and forget your wifi info.
  • Wifi will only look for your SSID to connect to.

Torque should work with most BT adapter just pair with your OBDII adapter
Bluetooth settings will still show "paired but not connected" but in reality it is actually connected and working normally!

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