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Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
Ejection pattern is affected by both the extractor and ejector. The power of ejector is important, but the extractor's ability to hold onto the rim of the cartridge is important. Think of it like if you have ever flicked a booger (don't act like you haven't). If you just flick your finger, you can get some distance, but if you use your thumb to press the top of the finger to get some more resistance and snap to it, you get more distance. Then your wife yells at you for flicking a booger instead of walking into the bathroom to wrap it in TP and put it in the garbage.

As far as the DVDs, I have no clue.
Best analogy ever, and it makes perfect sense!

So can the extractor have too firm a grip on a cartridge and have a detrimental effect on ejection and/or performance of the system? I'm thinking of BCM specifically, and their use of the firmer spring and the o-ring. Being BCM, I can't see them offering something that would hurt the performance.
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