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Originally Posted by PerkM3 View Post
I asked James about ceramic coating and wrapping once and he put it to me this way. It's like a lower degree thermostat, you can get one that opens sooner but all it will do is take longer to get to the same temp but it will always get to the same temp. If if took 5 minutes before it will take 10 minutes now but still, in the end, it will be at the same temp.

Maybe that makes sense.

Yep thats about the way I understand it as well. Seen that some of the headers made with lesser metals end up corroding away when wrapped as well.

Alot of truck pullers go with the turbo blankets and hot-side coating/wrappings due to insane temps for a relatively short time.

I knew one guy that had a "mild" built pulling truck. He had a huge ice chest/toolbox that he'd fill with ice water for his air-water intercooler. It would be all melted by the time he was done with his pull...

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