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Originally Posted by shellback View Post
thread revival...
thoughts/reviews on the MA NX5?
"HEY!!! Can I get a hallelujah?!!"

Oops, wrong kind of revival...

I really liked the NX5! However, long story short, I had problems with my signal processor in the chain prior to the NX5, but didn't know it. So the NX5 showed "PROTECTION" and shut down every time I tried to turn on the system. So I returned it and got the Arc Audio unit instead. By that time I had a new signal processor and the new Arc amp worked fine. It was only looking back that we figured it all out. One of those, "Thaaaaat's why blah, blah, blah...!" discoveries.

Anyway, it seemed like a good unit, but I think that the power specs are over-inflated. I must say that I like the Arc much better; it's is a f*cking beast, especially since I have it bridged! :devil:

I know Greg (the dealer) likes the Arc much better as well, and he installs both all the time.
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