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Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
No, it really doesn't cause any issues. There are a lot of people running the whole kit, and it works. I was given a bunch of free ones from BCM at my last EAG Tactical course and I've installed them on other rifles, including my brother's Daniel Defense BCG which has a 3-coil extractor spring (WTF Daniel Defense?!?).
I believe that Noveske came out and said to not mix that o-ring with the 5-coil extractor, but everyone else kind of ignored them and has never really had anything happen as a result. I run it on my bolts, and it gets great extraction.

LaRue are a bunch of weirdos in this issue. They don't ship the gun with any parts you replace with other parts, like getting the SureFire brake and then they don't give you the A2. Not only that, but they don't pro-rate the gun with the options you get. It's annoying, but LaRue has a tendency to do weird stuff like that.
Told them I want to pay the difference for a Magpul STR stock instead of the MOE stock, and that was a no go. Very weird indeed....
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