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Originally Posted by M3_POWER View Post
On a side note, I'm a little frustrated with Larue. I made a purchase close to 3k and they won't even leave the A2 flash off the rifle. Their response was they don't modify order and build a "complete" rifle (unless I want to switch a muzzle device that they carry). I plan on installing my battle comp so I have no need for the A2. They informed me the muzzle device is held on by green loctite, which seems to be impossible to remove. I'm trying to convince them to just install the A2 without applying the loctite. Such a pain in the ass for such a minute request...
Cancel the order and build it yourself? I'm actually not sure what you're building, but now I come to think about it, most uppers come with some sort of muzzle device anyway I think. It probably has something to do with protecting the threads.

I'm with you though; its a pain in the ass to have to order something that you're going to just take off when you get it. But, I think it's just how we have to do some of this stuff. Like for instance, I wanted to order a new M3 or 911 without wheels/tires, exhaust, and seats. Why? Because I want to put aftermarket rims on it, a race exhaust, and recaros or used GT3 seats. That alone would save me like $15000-20000 off the MSRP, depending on the car. But they won't do it. i guess Larue is basically doing the same thing.

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