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Originally Posted by david05111 View Post
Cancel the order and build it yourself? I'm actually not sure what you're building, but now I come to think about it, most uppers come with some sort of muzzle device anyway I think. It probably has something to do with protecting the threads.

I'm with you though; its a pain in the ass to have to order something that you're going to just take off when you get it. But, I think it's just how we have to do some of this stuff. Like for instance, I wanted to order a new M3 or 911 without wheels/tires, exhaust, and seats. Why? Because I want to put aftermarket rims on it, a race exhaust, and recaros or used GT3 seats. That alone would save me like $15000-20000 off the MSRP, depending on the car. But they won't do it. i guess Larue is basically doing the same thing.
It's a complete rifle from them. I just want to add some "tweaks" for my personal liking. I suppose when you own a company you can do whatever the fawk you want haha...

Originally Posted by Adam@Euro-Spec View Post
I'm about 90% decided im going to go with a 10.5 noveske chf upper with switchblock. Then troy folding sights and gotta figure out my stock and lower parts.

Yeah I have a set of red jp springs I'll probably swap in.

I went with the 3-12 bdc in the 158 mount. Going shooting tomorrow..I'll let you know how I like it. The glass is super clear. not a fan of the flip up caps it came with but they are easily replaced.

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Good to hear the glass is clear and that you also went with the 158 mount. I was stuck between the 104 and 158 and decided with the 158 as well. Let me know if you replace the caps.
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