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Originally Posted by Mike Larry View Post
btw, did anyone notice that, once again, daryl/glen and shane/rick went into the woods to look for randall and t-dog (who had a bigass hunting rifle in his hand too) went into the house with the women? i understand they dont wanna give him a big role, but his pussification makes no sense to the plot of the show.
Someone had to stay and take car of the women I guess?
Originally Posted by Porkchopsbimmer View Post
Would it be plausible to think that the knife that Shane was stabbed with possibly had some prior walker blood on it? Turning him into a zombie. That's what I'm thinking. Especially since the knife was used to kill walkers at the brawl location where they were supposed to drop off their hostage.
I thought of that. In the episode when the found the security guards, and Rick fought Shane, they killed the walkers with the knifes. When Shane was stuck in the bus he cut his hand with the knife to throw them off. I was thinking from back then that he was infected.
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