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Originally Posted by MaximumWalrus View Post
Secondly, speed cameras. I'm using the 'Dynavin Edition' of iGo 2.0 and the latest maps. The speed camera warnings, locations on maps, etc etc are all spot on. But instead of an audiable warning I get.. nothing. Something happens - the system mutes the radio volume momentarily when I get near a camera - but it doesn't actually play a sound. I've got alerts turned on at my chosen setting, 105% of speed limit.

Whats going on here? I don't mind not getting an audiable alert if I'm not speeding but if I'm not getting an alert I'd rather it didnt cut the radio volume as if its announcing something when infact its not. Any ideas?
To activate the 'Exceeding speed' warning, open 'DATA.ZIP' file and find the' dynavin.ini' file. Open this with a text editor such as notepad and scroll down to [warnings]. Find 'speedlimit_warning_voice=0' and change the value to '1' Save the modified 'dynavin.ini' file back into 'DATA.ZIP' (This is required because the guy who kindly provided the files did not like having speed warning alerts all the time.)
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