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Originally Posted by petik View Post
I don't normally register on forums just to put up a single post...but I've been going through the web trying to build a smoke machine for diagnosing a vacuum leak for some time. I found a few useful posts on what people did and the diagram the OP I went to work.

1) parts you need:
Most everything is from harbor freight to save money:
20oz oil can: $4
compressor regulator: $5
1/4" brass coupling: $2
1/4" quick connect kit: $4
16oz of mineral oil from wally world: $2
used glow plug from my truck: free, but figure no more than $10 bucks if you have to buy new
used 12V battery: old car battery or battery backup (UPS) battery works
wires: need some alligator clips and 16ga wires to run battery to glow plug
compressor: i already have a 60gal standing compressor I used to connect to this. You can use a 10 dollar tire compressor from walmart.

total cost: $17 (if you have an old glow plug and battery) to $60
Very good idea and DYI.
Did you found the leak ?
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