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Originally Posted by brianc617 View Post
Ok I just purchased a 2003 325xi it has 105,000mi first thing i noticed was that when in drive the rear end pulls down the when put into neutral the car will rise back up, Second after about thirty miles on the highway at speeds about 65 it started to vibrate and loose power i could tap on the gas petal and the issuse wold stop for about thirty more miles. This is my first BMW and would like see if anyone had a thought on this. Thank you
Detailed maintenance history? Mine does the same thing (the drop is minimal) and what you're experiencing is your rear suspension being tired and soft. I parked next to an E46 xi and my suspension was about .25" lower because mine has 83.7k miles on rough roads and not a single suspension component has been changed from the factory (control arms excepted).

When you put it in 'D' there is suddenly a torque being transferred through your drivetrain. This torque applies a 'preload' of sorts that is transferred through your suspension geometry. It's the same principle as when people floor it their rear end sinks a bit.
AA Stg2+ 325xiA? Are you stupid? Maybe a little.
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