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ready? goo!

Write an email to your assistant, Sally Cantwright, who composed a poor adjustment letter. Without changing any facts, explain the changes she will need to make to the adjustment letter as well as why those changes are important. Since you will not be able to review all of her future letters, your goal is to help her learn how to write more effective adjustment letters to customers on her own. When writing the email, keep in mind that your assistant is a valuable employee, so provide feedback and instruction without damaging morale.

***61623; Sally's letter to the customer should use the direct pattern - your email to Sally should use the indirect pattern.
***61623; Your tone in the email to Sally should be reasonable, respectful, modest, polite, and tactful - being more casual as opposed to restrained is appropriate due to your level of familiarity, but still remain professional.
***61623; Carefully consider elements of your opening, body, and closing.
***61623; Include at least one specific example of how you would change something in the original letter.
***61623; Consider using headings and/or graphic highlighting (e.g., bullets, numbering, boldface type) to make your points more readable.
***61623; Use appropriate email design considerations - do not exceed 1page, single spaced - proofread!

Sally's Poor Adjustment Letter
Manhattan Galleries
115 West Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10010
November 15, 2009
Ms. Sharon Jensen
The Jensen Group
2459 Hooper Avenue
Miami, FL 44787
Dear Ms. Jensen:

Your letter has been referred to me for reply. You claim that the painting recently sent by Manhattan Galleries arrived with sags in the canvas and that you are unwilling to hang it in your company's executive offices.
I have examined your complaint carefully, and, frankly, I find it difficult to believe because we are so careful about shipping, but if what you say is true, I suspect that the shipper may be the source of your problem. We give explicit instructions to our shippers that large paintings must be shipped standing up, not lying down. We also wrap every painting in two layers of convoluted foam and one layer of Perf-Pack foam, which we think should be sufficient to withstand any bumps and scrapes that negligent shipping may cause. We will certainly look into this.
Although it is against our policy, we will in this instance allow you to take this painting to a local framing shop for re-stretching. We are proud that we can offer fine works of original art at incredibly low prices, and you can be sure that we do not send out sagging canvasses.
Sally Cantwright
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