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Thermostat Continued!

Step Seven: Place a drain pan under your car to catch all the coolant that will pour out. Remove The two coolant line connections from the thermostat housing. Lift up the metal clip that locks the connection on to the housing. Then use a screw driver and gently pry the hose off while wigglying the the connection with your free hand. These guys can be stuck on pretty good so just be cautious of the brittle plastic while you're working it off.

NOTE: I recommend pushing the clips back down on each connector after they are pulled off of the thermostat housing. That way they dont accidentally shoot off into the abyss of your engine bay.

Installation: I throw some WD-40 or Silicone Spray, on the inside of the connectors. That way you can just push it on to the new thermostat housing nice and easily. with a satisfying "Click".

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