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Originally Posted by trizzuth View Post
I don't think these prevent fore and aft movement, it says they handle all of the torsional forces the normal bushings do. I almost creamed myself when I saw this. Bout time someone came up with a permanent solution to one of the most often replaced parts on the E46!!! You gooooooo Rob! Next time I am due, I will seriously consider these depending on how long I forsee myself keeping my car (probs forever).

This also reminded me of the Wheeler Dealers show I saw last night on the Lotus Elan. It had weak guibo's because the rubber couldn't handle all of the vibrations of the drive shaft, so some lady and her company created a total solution CV joint with shaft included to fully replace the drive shaft and guibo's. She said it should last indefinitely.

LOVE the limited lifetime warranty on these! Rob, can you explain what the "limited" part refers to? thanks!
from uuc's site:

The OE design of the FCAB is a simple rubber bushing. The part itself is subjected to torsional forces (twisting), lateral forces (side to side), and longitudinal forces (in and out).

All that is common sense by just looking at it visually, but I think UUC is implying that the solid nature of this new product prevents any movement in the above directions
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