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Originally Posted by E46Mango View Post
What are the life expectancy on these?
We really don't expect them to wear out while any particular person owns the car. 100K? 200K? Possible depending on environmental factors, grit that could get it, that sort of thing. But realistically, we don't think you'd ever have to replace them... that's why the lifetime warranty is easy for us to offer.

Originally Posted by E46Mango View Post
And would the fact that these prevent fore-aft movement would that put extra strain on the CA balljoints? Or negligible?
That's a reasonable expectation, to have some extension of the balljoint life... but a lot of the balljoint wear occurs from standard motion cycling.

Originally Posted by trizzuth View Post
I don't think these prevent fore and aft movement, it says they handle all of the torsional forces the normal bushings do.
The limitation of fore/aft movement is how the OE bushing allows the arm to push backwards further, especially as the OE rubber weakens.

Originally Posted by trizzuth View Post
LOVE the limited lifetime warranty on these! Rob, can you explain what the "limited" part refers to? thanks!
"Limited" means we don't cover accident damage, fire damage, if they were put on backwards, if they were deliberately modified, silly stuff like that. They are covered for all reasonable use.
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