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Originally Posted by JJR4884 View Post
holy cholesteral solly, 3.5 eggs a day...
Dietary cholesterol does not affect blood cholesterol. This eggs are bad for you myth needs to die. Hopefully I can help kill it

and for 12 more links click here and look at the second comment

Originally Posted by z00 View Post
You assumed I get the turkey bacon you saw. But I don't. I buy only uncured turkey bacon. Minimally processed, no nitrate, no artificial ingredients.

turkey thighs, water, sea salt, raw sugar, celery powder, paprika, onion powder, spice.

1 slice (28g):

30 calories
1.5g fat, 0 sat fat
cholesterol 25mg
sodium 180mg
sugar 0
protein 6g

Now tell me which one is better. Mine or your turkey bacon?
It took me a while to find this turkey bacon. It tastes ****ing good. I eat 8 slices every day for lunch.

For eggs, I buy egg whites in container. I buy organic cage free dozen eggs. I use half from egg white container and 4 whole eggs. Don't have to throw away any yolks.

You should be afraid of sat fat. Latest studies show sat fat from red meats is one of major causes for reduced life expectancy and cardiovascular diseases. Your body does need sat fat, but from healthy sources. FDA recommends 30gm of sat fat a day. I get about 20gm a day from nuts and eggs.

You're forgetting about calorie quality; one 1 carb from whole wheat is not equal to 1 carb of white wheat. Same with proteins and fats.
oh, that study that said red meat leads to more deaths but the meat eaters were fatter, worked out less, smokers, and drank alcohol. That study has already been refuted because of all the holes in it.

I highly doubt you'll even read this but here

soo, I'm still not sure why your bacon is better.

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