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Originally Posted by E.fo.six View Post
The 10" VB3's are only available in 25et or 38et. So do you think I should go with a 255/30? I see guys on here running 265/30's on sedans, but mine will sit pretty low and don't want it to rub. I'm having the fender rolled in the next week or so. Let me know what you think.
if seen it done too, by 1 guy. not sure the offsets he used cause they were DPE wheels
i think he had shaved fenders
i ran 18x10 with a 255/35 and had minimal rubbing.

But if i read right youre gonna shave them to ET42, im saying just run ET38

I believe ET40-ET38 is the sweet spot for 10s on non Ms.
When i had et45 18x10 with my H&R Cupkit sport, it actually rubbed INSIDE. Spaced them to ET38 and all was well. see link in sig.
so im sure a 19x10 will rub inside at 19x10et45-et42

bartnederplease ran 19x10 et38 and his rear sat lower than mine, and hi didnt rub, granted, he ran my tire stretch.
if you run 265, im pretty confident youre gonna rub. especially dropped low on KWs.
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^^^ do you spend all your free time on two wheels?
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Do you ride a sportbike?
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