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I have read the links you mentioned. But have you?

I think food is all about moderation. I like eggs myself just had 2 raw eggs in my shake, yummy.

I eat lean red meat almost every day (burger 96% lean or lamb). Each study will have its gaps. But look at healthiest populations like in Japan, people there don't eat much red meat. I'm an advocate of lean unprocessed red meats in moderation.

As far as the bacon, are you serious man? Yours got 35cal per slice, mine got 30cal with 6g of protein, yours got 2g. More fat in yours. Calorie quality of mine is way better than yours. We're after the protein after all. Right?

Originally Posted by DylloS View Post
Dietary cholesterol does not affect blood cholesterol. This eggs are bad for you myth needs to die. Hopefully I can help kill it

and for 12 more links click here and look at the second comment

oh, that study that said red meat leads to more deaths but the meat eaters were fatter, worked out less, smokers, and drank alcohol. That study has already been refuted because of all the holes in it.

I highly doubt you'll even read this but here

soo, I'm still not sure why your bacon is better.
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