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Originally Posted by Cretster View Post
Thanks but I already did that and got ripped off.

I followed the link for the Sabrent one on Amazon that someone else posted up a while back and bought one. The postage to the UK cost more than the bloody dongle itself, but what they sent me was a cheap generic Chinese one that doesn't work in the Dynavin (no surprise there as it's not the known working one).
I'm livid about it after they advertised Sabrent ones and I paid for that but got a worthless piece of crud instead. They've had a complaint but I don't expect anything to come of it.

I'll try to order one again but need to find somewhere that won't take the mickey on the postage to uk (not found them actually for sale here), and will actually send me what I've paid for instead of defrauding me.

Sorry if that's a bit ranty - it's not aimed at anyone here of course, am just venting.

I don't think this will be much use to you but I have gotten a bluetooth dongle to work so I can use the Torque app. I bought it at BestBuy and the brand is their own so I am not sure if it is available outside the US but it might be worth researching.

One thing to note is that while the BT dongle will talk to my OBD adapter it will not connect to my iPhone for whatever reason.

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