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Originally Posted by mattfarrington View Post
That blue cut off line is amazing. I was SET on buying the projector housings from umnitza, but I think I'll do this instead, save a few bucks.. AND have the satisfaction that I did it myself.
I'll post pictures when I finish this on mine!
Definitely AVOID P46s. Their output is terrible. Coming from OEM halogens, the MH1 retrofit is amazing. Heck even compared to most cars on the road using pnp HID kits or halogen reflectors the MH1 is ballin.

Definitely get quality bulbs though. Ballasts are so-so (a.k.a. get cheap ones) but bulbs can have HUGE differences in output. I had DDM 6000K bulbs and they were only about 60% as bright as the 5000K XB35s I have now.
AA Stg2+ 325xiA? Are you stupid? Maybe a little.
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