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Originally Posted by Xiph0s View Post
Yes, when I clear the code is stays off. But if I turn the car/engine on/off it comes back.
In some cases the vanos exhaust solenoid piston can get sticky and cause vanos exhaust codes. Hereís how to solve it.
With the vanos mounted on the engine, remove the vanos exhaust solenoid with a 32mm deep socket.
Most 32mm deep sockets arenít deep enough for the vanos solenoid. The 32mm deep socket stamped (not labeled) W155 found at Advanced Auto and OíReilly Auto and the CarQuest brand work.
Place paper towels on the radiator lower hose to catch dripping oil. Also have a paper towel under the solenoid junction when removing the solenoid.
Under the solenoid is a red spring loaded piston. Press in the piston and release. It should press in with resistance and spring back when released. The piston movement should be smooth. If itís not then this is likely the problem.
Pull out the piston while holding a paper towel under it to catch oil.
Spray clean the piston and itís cylinder with brake cleaner. Dry the piston and cylinder.
Oil the piston and cylinder and reinstall the piston.
Check the piston movement. Press in and release the piston multiple times. Its movement should be very smooth.
Reinstall the solenoid.
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