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Originally Posted by MJLavelle View Post
I remember that thread. I added a post to it as well, with some additional advice. One other member, qslim, mentioned the product below:
I got some, and I have to say, I use it all the time now. It works best for Torx and Phillips head screws. I just use it on every fastener now, and it makes a huge difference! It won't help you with a stripped screw, but there is plenty of info in that thread that will help. Order the ezgrip for future jobs.
Another thing that will help in the future, is to buy a quality set of bits, like Wera. They are a little pricey, but if you just buy the tips and use your own driver, then you can get a decent set for $20. They are great bits, and damn near impossible to strip.
The problem with the majority of bits sold for Torx or Hex type fasteners is that they are cheap Chinese crap being dumped on the market. It is the same problem we are facing with auto parts, bearings, etc. But if a Torx bit is even just a little smaller dimension, then they will bugger up the head of the screw. You can find Wera bits on Amazon.

I am going to comment on my own post here, just to make the point that it is very important to invest in high quality, German made Torx and Hex bits, if you are going to work on these cars. I know that the Harbor Freight and other stores that sell the cheap sets are tempting. But most of these are Chinese made, and they have very poor control over the dimensions of these bits. This will lead to major problems like the OP is having. And it will happen on the screw that is in the worst position at the worst possible time. Look at the mess the OP has with such a simple job.
Also, that product I pasted a link to - EZ Grip, is really good stuff, and worth every penny. One $15 bottle will probably last you a few years. I use it on every single screw, Torx, and hex bolt that I need to remove. Forum user qslim recommended it, because he uses it when he works on Air Force Jets. He claims that they use it all the time, to reduce the number of stripped fasteners. You can't get a better recommendation than that.
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