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Yah I did read the thread posted in detail and thought that the best available tool I had in hand was a dremel.
I am moving in a couple of days, so ordering anything online would be a hassle, hence no EZ grip till I move.
I didn't want to use any other power tool like drill or the EZ out because of the awkward position of the bolt, I do not have a drill in possession. Also I do not want to damage the DISA or any tubes or wires there. I took the DISA out a couple of weeks ago and tested out perfectly fine. I torqued it more I guess and I was being an idiot to use the T30 instead of T40 which led to this stripped bolt.
Once I move to a new place I will order the EZ grip, looks like it would be the best to use since I can easily replace the T40 bit even if it gets gunked when using with the EZ grip paste.

Well, Can I use EZ grip with the rotor retaining bolt? I am pretty sure I can, but just confirming.
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