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Originally Posted by yetieater View Post
66mm wishbones? Is this the size that's on the ZHP control arms?
The number itself refers to the updated bushing size that came with the updated arm specs from BMW. BMW has made a few changes to the bushing and arm assembly over the years (first in late 1999, then in 2001) to deal with the unexpectedly short lifespan of the OE parts.

No matter what, if you are replacing arms, you will get the correct arms from any source... nobody makes the old-style any more. Any 2001 model or older should definitely have the updated arms installed at the same time as the FCABs.

And also, no matter what, if you've got arms on your car that are getting close to 10 years old (or more than 50K miles), you should be replacing them anyway at this point. The ball joints wear out and are not serviceable, the entire arm must be replaced.

330 ZHP arms are technically a different part number than standard E46 arms... but they are 100% interchangeable. To clear up a persistent misunderstanding that I hear from customers, 330 ZHP arms are not same as E46 M3 arms.
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