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Originally Posted by trj View Post
Yah I did read the thread posted in detail and thought that the best available tool I had in hand was a dremel.
I am moving in a couple of days, so ordering anything online would be a hassle, hence no EZ grip till I move.
I didn't want to use any other power tool like drill or the EZ out because of the awkward position of the bolt, I do not have a drill in possession. Also I do not want to damage the DISA or any tubes or wires there. I took the DISA out a couple of weeks ago and tested out perfectly fine. I torqued it more I guess and I was being an idiot to use the T30 instead of T40 which led to this stripped bolt.
Once I move to a new place I will order the EZ grip, looks like it would be the best to use since I can easily replace the T40 bit even if it gets gunked when using with the EZ grip paste.

Well, Can I use EZ grip with the rotor retaining bolt? I am pretty sure I can, but just confirming.
You can try it, but it does not work miracles. It will keep you from stripping a torx bolt if you are using the correct size bit, and the bit is a little undersized. I am not sure it will fix everything once the head has already been buggered up. I mainly suggested it as something to use to make sure this never happens again. At this point, it is worth a try. You are in a messed up position, but it sounds like you can still leave it on the car, and drive it. If that is the case, then you have time to get the right tools together, and tackle it.
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