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Originally Posted by mrc.engr View Post
#1. Fluid should not be coming out of the pump unless the pump is running. The fact that there was fluid coming out.....probably a blown seal that was damaged when the water in it froze this winter.

If the pump never froze over the winter, then the seal is gone......either way it appears the pump needs replaced. 2 min job. 30 mins if you clean up everything like you should and apply silicone grease to all sealing surfaces......which nobody tells you to do.........but a real good for the rubber bits and sealing.

#2. When the pump was activated did you hear the pump running ?

Overall I'd say your pump needs replacing.

Hope your spring loaded extension arms, plastic connectors and spray heads are ok.

Cheers...... Mike
Yah my pump runs I can hear it clearly. I even unplugged the windshield one not to waste fluid while testing there.

So the pump itself cannot be revived? Just really need a new pump huh?

I would see everything else is good as I don't see any leaks or anything like that
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