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Originally Posted by david05111 View Post
Yeah I've actually been planning on picking up a 28" 870 for this exact purpose. Not that expensive and I love the 870 action. Also, it's hilarious to outshoot your friends who have over-unders and autos with a pump, trust me.
Originally Posted by speedcrazy1532 View Post
This. 28" barrel fullchoke and you can reach out and touch someone with it too.
The 870 express full synthethic 12ga was my first gun at 13 years old so I will always have a soft spot for it. I still have it and dont plan on getting rid of it. Years later it still performs flawlessly from deer hunting to turkey hunting and everything in between including sporting clays. Of course since then I have picked up better shotguns for target shooting but you can never go wrong with an 870. The variety of options for it including barrels and choke tubes make it a great gun to shoot.
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