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I don't think this parameter is the reason why you experiencing such difficulties trying to connect to your iPhone.
I have my iPhone 4S connected to Dynavin and it's suddenly disconnects same way it does on stock ROM. I have only set up country in Settings. Try to set country region changed from 1 to 0
country code changed from RO to US
Check if it's working.

By the way. Maybe the problems with WiFi is WiFI adapter. Mine was from Dynavin. Maybe we can use other brand WiFI.

Also a question, Dynavin D99 has 3 USB ports, one GPS (it's porbabaly for WiFi) one for iPod and 3rd I can't remember for....

Witch port should i use for Bluetooth dongle? Should I purchase USB hub and insert WiFi and Bluetooth into it and plug it to USB-GPS in Dynavin?

Shall Dynavin D99 operate with other brand's WiFi, 3G USB modules?

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