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Halston, can you identify the company the built this? Is it related to USA spec or DICE? I am interested because I tried DICE and had some issues. Went with the USA Spec and loved it since the sound didn't have static. I used it all last Summer until I put the car away for the Winter. I pulled the car out of storage last weekend and tired Iphone with Spec unit. Unfortunately, I got the "no magazine" and was told by USA spec the IOS 5 software updated by Apple that I just upgraded to doesn't work with Spec unit. Spec offered to have me ship them the unit to upgrade the software for $75. I was disappointed at Joe's response at USA Spec. I looked on your website today, but didn't see how software can be upgraded on this unit. Can you confirm that it can? How would future Apple software upgrades work with this unit? I really am willing to give this a try to keep the stock radio. For $25 more the upgrade to USA spec, it seems like an option. I think this will be the 4th manufacturer I've tried. Thanks for posting on this subject. I know not all cars are the same. Incidentally, USA Spec suggested I use the unit in aux mode. I tried and this works, but the sound is not as good. Plus, you wind up with extremely load radio when switching over from Iphone. Wish there was a better solution.

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