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Originally Posted by robwallace View Post
Thanks, my mechanic had the codes written down and simply gave them to me again so I thought I would share them. I will get him to scan the car again tomorrow (it's 1am in the UK now where I am) to see what the current codes that is has thrown up are. Apologies for using the incorrect terminology too in my description, I work with computers not cars so my knowledge is fairly limited.
Over here in the Colonies, we can go to the autoparts store and they loan tools that are seldom used at home. The scan tool belongs in this category for most people.

Some idiot put our steering wheel on the wrong side, but I've learned to adjust. In any case, the data port that one plugs the scan tool into lives in the footwell over the driver's left leg. Since your steering wheel is in the sensible place, and mine is not, then you may find the data port hiding someplace else.

In any event, there is a small cover on the panel on the underside of the dash board that says OBD DATA PORT or something to that effect. Pop the cover and plug the scan tool in. The reason I'm telling you this is because it might help you to understand a little bit about your car. When you get the codes out of the car, you can simply plug them into the search bar of your browser and get the meaning. You might not be able to operate a screwdriver, but you need to know what is wrong so maybe you can be a little bit more informed as a consumer. If yo ucan use the scan tool from the parts store for free, you will save a ton at the mechanic -- he's got yacht payments that you need to make, you know.
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