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Originally Posted by DylloS View Post
Are you open with this about your girls or do you just go about your relationship with them not knowing?

Maybe this is why I usually never date a girl unless I could see a future. I'm recently single so I wonder if I'll do something like you guys or just hold out until I meet a good chick.
No but it's an interesting situation...

She is open to me that she never wants to get married. I am open to her that I want to get married, have kids ect. Although I know she is not the one to marry, I don't tell her this, so it's not really clear to her. My feeling is that if I make it clear to her that I don't think she is the one, it kind of turns the relationship into a ticking time bomb.

But I feel her getting closer every day and I often wonder if there might be a change of heart coming, which would call for an awkward situation.

Dyllos, the only reason I go through with this is because I know I will be relocating for work within the next year, so permanent attachment isn't the best option for me. But if you don't have a good reason to end it, I wouldn't recommend seriously dating a girl you can't see a future with. It can get pretty depressing knowing the end will come, have fun and wait for the right chick to come around would be my advice.
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