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Originally Posted by profor View Post
Todays mod - used 4k7 resistor

Thanks profor! To confirm, the above works perfectly using 1N4007 + 4k7 resistor as described.

And I recommend doing it this way as it's very easy to do, much cleaner and you definitely know the airbags will go off. Although being an engineer helps my motivation to mess around with electrics and why I love these cars.

I've added a few more pics if you guys want to see how I pulled it off, and opened it up. You can't really break anything (famous last words), but really, it does come off quite easily like most things BMW

When you've unhooked the cylindrical connector which is connected to the seat pad (top right of pic), you can twist the enclosure and it will pop off from under the seat. Then you can unhook the white connector. I used a small flat head to help nudge the locking off. Once this is off, you can use the same small flathead and just slot it in the end where the arrows pointing and draw it around and the enclosure will pop open and you can slide it out.

I cut the wires off, then just de-soldered the header (where the connector inserts into the board) off. Then just follow what profor has done - solder in the diode and resistor (check polarity of the diode is correct). Only thing I added was just a small precaution and that was to insulate this with a bit of tape or heat-shrink before closing back up.

And now I don't have any more issues with intermittent airbag lights when people sit in the passenger seat, nor worried it won't go off should it have too.
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