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Originally Posted by HiHoBrian View Post
It won't be forced. You would sign up for it. And probably pay money for it. Like you pay to have a licence to drive on public roads,but you can't just drive as fast as you want,or get a phone data plan that has a limit unlike previous unlimited plans from the past-for the common good of all people. You could pay for two life spans of living,but be allowed one life span of offspring-for the same common good of all people.
um... driving and phone usage are a completely different realm from having children. Both of them include using public facilities that you have to use.

And what if I double my lifespan, but then decide it's unfulfilling and want kids instead when I'm, say, 150 years old and feeling like I'm 35? Am I just SOL?

Why is it the common good to keep some people alive for a long time, while denying the chance for a next generation? Are there going to be quotas for how many people are allowed to sign up for this? Because obviously, if 75% of the population decides to expand their life, then we're going to face a severe population shrinkage.

And what if I've already had two children? Am I exempt from participating?

Bottom line, I think the problems that need to be solved first are in getting ourselves new places to expand to, before we worry about our terribly short lifetimes.
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