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Originally Posted by Stickbuilder View Post
I'd insert that you are full of sh!t! I'm closer to 70 than to 60, and I'm having a blast. All my stuff is paid for and I draw 3 pensions plus the Social Security check, and the income from my investments, so money is not a problem. I have all the freedom and free time that I can handle. I'd bet that you would have a tough time keeping up with my ass. Yep, time for your meds.

Both Grandfathers lived to be 96 and were still very active. One Aunt is now 103 and still cuts her own grass. She'll give you a racehorse cussing if you even offer to do it. Chronological age is just that. I know what I'm gonna be when I grow up...........98.
here is a case in point.

If this fanatic lives to be 200... that's 130 more years of three pensions and a social security check for him to draw. That's going to make any pension, plus social security, tap out when 100 becomes the new 50.
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