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Originally Posted by Forcefed M3 View Post
I think there are two more....I think. Odd that all the other cars have motors intact. Just my $.02
For now.. but noone has put the miles on their cars that I have. I drove from Portland to Central Cali.. then from Central Cali to Vegas.. then from Vegas to the Bay Area. Easily 10hrs in one stretch.. Not sure if distance has anything to do with it, or if it was the install, or just bad luck.. simply put though this clearly shows that the sleeves were to blame.. which eventually caused the rings to go.

Originally Posted by TaZaM3 View Post
VAC did the sleeve job. Ive put a few thousand miles on them. Longest stretch drive would probably be 3 hours or so.
Cool, thanks for the info Taza! I know a few built HPF motors w/sleeves that are consuming oil like mine was.. does your car consume oil Taza? and when I say consume oil.. mine was consuming about 1qt every 500-600 miles..

Originally Posted by bmxpert86 View Post
It's your decision and Jason's to post what the Diagnosis is. It would be nice to know, I have a feeling the sleeves might have had a lot to do with it. Hpf seems to have buttoned up all the problems they had over the years. If its a component problem during the build I'm sure hpf would want to know about it.

No one wants the drama to start up again but I thought you would be honest about your findings.

Either way, Sucks that you had to go thru this. I hope everything works out great for you.
If HPF wanted to know about it then Chris should have done what Saad/Jason did above.. and since Chris didn't.. maybe he should pay a consulting fee to Jason for his time/materials... Chris kicked the block.. pointed at the tune then clocked out for the day.. and that took 4 weeks.

Jason had that block on the operating table by 9am the day after I dropped it off..
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