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I get what your saying about proprietary parts. Since the gun is still new and still holds full manufacture warranty i'll put the replacement parts on hold till the warranty ends. No need to purchase something that is covered under warranty for now.

I was reading about carrier tilt and stump'd onto those heavy buffer Anti-Tilt which seem like a great upgrade.. but then thought to myself, how in the world would I seperate the upper receiver from the lower if it's got the extra step at the tip of the buffer? Would I have to remove the front pivot pin first then the rear take down pin and slide the upper forward to remove/seperate the two? And what if I just wanted to tilt the upper for a quick inspection, how would I go about tilting the upper without having the heavy buffer catching onto the bolt carrier?

For now, I want to upgrade my A4 stock and find a good range scope. Dont need the $200, $300 or $400 scopes for my useage. What scopes would you recommend for an average shooter who goes out maybe 3-4x's a year and puts maybe 500rds a year down range? Want something that would hold zero after the first couple shots and would be good up to 100-200 yards?? I would really like to stay in the $100 price range for a scope, but if I have to spend upwards of $200 I would too. I don't want to have to go through or experience your "buy once, cry once" terminology..

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