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Hmmm, well I got a new bluetooth dongle (ebay one linked to) that Listermint confirmed worked with Android on his Dynavin but no luck for mine - still won't work with this dongle (on the new M3 rom that is).

That's 3 I've tried without any luck now unfortunately.

Interesting though as this is the same dongle, and the same Android Rom we are both using - so why does yours work and mine doesn't???

Kernel was mentioned somewhere back, but I'm not that familiar with how that fits in in terms of the roms etc. Is it the case that when we flash a rom we are not touching the kernel on these devices? Sorry if that's a dumb question.

If that's the case then I suppose it must be the case that Listermint's unit has a different kernel to my one?
Is there an easy way to find out for us both what kernel we are running, or is it possible that the official Dynavin rom includes a newer kernel or something?
If so, then flashing to that maybe fixes the bluetooth issue, and then flashing to M3 custom roms after that means if the kernel isn't touched then the functionality remains intact I guess.

Will try following the same process anyway - ie flash the most recent official rom, check BT functionality, then if it works (or not!) flash to the new M3 rom again and see if it remains working.

Can't see what else could be different as we have the same D99 Android unit.
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